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Scéal Eile established itself as Ireland's first Irish festival in Belgium in 2018.
We are committed to showing the best Ireland has to offer in film.
We are grateful to our sponsors for their support. 

Below is a list of the films we have shown to date

Arracht directed by Tom Sullivan
Redemption of a Rogue by Philip Doherty
Pure Grit by Kim Bartley

A Bump Along the Way by Shelley Love
Gaza by Garry Kean and Andrew McConnell

Sing Street by John Carney

In addition to these feature films, we have presented a number of short film programmes.
Here are some short film titles we have had the honour to screen:

A Different Kind of Day by Maria Doyle Kennedy
Homecoming by Sinéad O'Loughlin
A Terrible Hullaboo by Ben O'Connor
Spacemen Three by Hugh O'Conor and John Butler
Nymphet by Laura Hermanides
Later Afternoon by Louise Bagnall
The Other Book of Kells by Dave Crann
Big Bird by Jan Boon
Bending Glass by Suzie Keegan
The Bird and the Whale by Carol Freeman
The Wiremen by Jessica Patterson

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